Great New Features Were Added to Deltazilla

Posted by on 4/20/2017 to News

We have a very large delta 3d printer called Deltazilla developed and are ready for production. We have been very busy in the last several months and have a lot of updates. Printing envelope is a huge 29.5" diameter by 42" tall. Outer size of Deltazilla will be  86" by 39" in diameter. It can fit through a 36" door opening because it is 34" with the bed removed and easily tilted up under an 8" ceiling. Other large 3D Printer manufacturers are just now realizing that their printers don't get through doors but this was our design constraint all along.


These printers use a unique aluminum extrusion that is 2-3 times stronger than what is normally out there for the axises, have unique ball bearing u-joints, and are further constructed out of variable density hybrid plastic molds. It has a white, glass, mains heated bed (3 minutes to heat to 60degC) and structural marble or carbon fiber in the design that will give it what other large printers don't have: beauty. This printer's system is open source, although it will be WIFI connected and have an LCD display/SD card adapter. 


We have updated the following features:


        Quick-Connect Universal Effector Automatic Levelling and Distancing platform integrated with flying extruders makes switching uses a snap. Choose to 3D print from Single Hot End, Dual Hot End or Triple Diamond Mixing Hot End. Also, Flex Drive mill adapter for milling PCBs or engraving wood or plastic, a paste Extruder adapter for soft clay or silicone and a 5.5W UV laser engraving and cutting adapter. When you have a big machine, whether it is for your business or workshop, it has to do more than just 3d print. We, and the open source community, can easily add other adapters to this platform. We are working on a pellet extruder for the future.

        Our Quick-Connect Extruders are E3d Titan design 3:1 geared type so they are light and use small pancake motors. One of our adapters is even a direct extruder hot end for flexible filaments. All the Extruders have Integrated Filament Run-Out and Clog sensors that are daisy chained connected to the Controller. When you are printing large items that can take days, you can't afford a mishap near the end. These sensors will pause your printer until you make the necessary adjustments.


        Our Dual all metal Volcano Hot End has a very small distance between nozzles of only 12mm. For comparison, An E3d Chimera dual hot end has 18mm between the nozzles. This is important since the smaller the distance, the less problems you can encounter with "effector tilt", which can change the height of one nozzle compared to the other in a large delta build area. Since this hot end is modified from E3d parts, you can depend on the quality. Secondly, we have integrated a mechanical Nozzle Lift mechanism, so that the unused hot end doesn't hit the printed layer. This is a feature only found on higher end printers but our system doesn't require special g-code, servo, solenoid or controller resources.


        Color coded quick connect wiring for extruders, hotends, fans and electronic controller. We realize that with a machine this size it should be easy to replace parts, wires, and controller in case of a mishap or future update. So we have taken our Universal Effector platform  and extended it to all parts of the machine. This way, whether you are a experienced tinkerer, a technician, or all thumbs, things are simple to replace or update in the future.

       We have added other exclusive and special features to keep the printer in optimum spec including *easily adjustable belt tension knobs, *Steel-belted belt to limit stretch, *easily accessible Controller for motor current adjustment, *Simple accessible self-aligning motor caddies, *Tensioning screws on the Carriages so that they never get loose, *compressor bearings on the belt pullies so teeth are not skipped when using high acceleration settings, *Tubular metal frame under glass bed to prevent any sagging, *White pigmented tempered glass bed is easy and dependable to use with glue stick or hairspray, *Silicone 120v heated bed heats quickly and white bed has red edge led glow when on, *interchangeable and height adjustable fan nozzle on Universal Effector blower, *Smoke detector cut off circuit.