Elegoo Saturn Extra Capacity Resin Tank

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Elegoo Saturn Extra Capacity Resin Tank Molded from Polyurethane resin with 33% more height and embedded steel nuts. This Is extended from the exact same tank that comes with your Saturn and is 45mm tall instead of 30mm tall. It has been modified to be out of the way of the Z axis hardware. It does NOT include the FEP film or the frame. You must reuse the one you have which fits exactly. Since you can see through it (mostly), you can check to see if your print is attached to the base plate earlier. You can fill the tank with more resin than normal for those really large prints. For regular prints, there is less likely splashing out. It comes with 2 longer M4 bolts (with molded knob head) so you can attach. Allow 5 days for preparation of this item.

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