Easy and Fast access is Better

Posted by Zilla3d on 11/20/2017 to News
The reason we make everything quick connect and fast access, including electronics and mechanical is because we listen to our customers. It is a lot easier to maintain or service a hot end or controller on your workbench than on the machine, especially a large machine. Our controller can be changed out in 90 seconds. Our hotend in 30 seconds. Whether for adjusting drivers, troubleshooting, or just changing a nozzle, this saves hours of labor and unproductive machine time. Most companies use maintenance contracts as a solution to the access problem. This is an expensive, time consuming and innefficient "old world" solution. Other companies save time and money on building your 3d printer so that you can spend extra time and money on maintenance. And then they charge you more than twice as much. Experienced 3d printer operators appreciate what we have done and instantly realize the advantages. Of course, the inexperienced cant know this in advance so here are some comparisons.

Our Hotend
1. Quick disconnect electronics. 10 seconds.
2. Quick disconnect Bowden coupler. 10 seconds.
3. Quick disconnect hot end EZmount. 10 seconds.
Total 30 seconds
Other Hotends
1. Hotend not disconnectable, must work at machine or cut and reconnect wires. 30 to 60 minutes.
2. Must remove Bowden tube from hotend or extruder (not always cooperating and must be cut and replaced. 5 to 30 minutes.
3. Up to six screws with tiny nuts must be removed at machine. Horrible access. 30 to 60 minutes.
Total up to 3 hours

Our Controller
1. Remove 10 color coded quick connectors. 80 seconds.
2. Tilt controller box up and remove. 10 seconds.
Total 90 seconds. Another 90 seconds to replace.
Other Controllers
1. Label and remove all 68 wires from controller. This must be done at machine. 2-3 hours
2. Organize wires so you aren't left with a big mess. 1 hour
Total 4hrs +. Another 2 hours to replace. Repeat if needed. Kit makers even admit that wire management takes 5-6 hours.