ZillaGrip 4oz Tube Room Temperature 3D Print Coating Kit

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  • Room Temperature Bed 3D Printing:Print PLA, ABS, PETG, NYLON, PC, PP, and POM with one bed coating and no heat.
  • Save Power, Increase Safety and Holds Better:Just heat the bed at the end of the print to release more easily--Use heated bed or heat gun or hair dryer
  • Comes as a kit:Includes 4oz of ZillaGrip and Silicon Reusable Applicator
  • Works easier and better than all existing solutions:Watch the Videos--Money Back Guarantee
  • Leveling your bed is much easier:No More Heating your bed while printing, which causes deformation of the bed
  • Very little needed-- complete cleaning not necessary:4 oz tube is like 12+ gluesticks. Does Not Let Go of your model
  • 2 oz size available:See other Item

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ZillaGrip Room Temperature 3D Print Coating Kit. Includes 4 oz ZillaGrip glass bed coating fluid, Silicone reusable Applicator  This kit allows printing of PLA, ABS, PETG, Nylon, PolyCarbonate (PC), Polypropylene (PP) and Delrin (POM) at room temperature on a cold bed, No Heated Bed is Necessary for Printing. Just apply the ZillaGrip liquid, let it dry, and you are ready to print. Heat the bed to remove a print. You can use your heated bed control, a heatgun or a blowdryer. You can add Zillagrip to only those areas that need to be recoated--it sticks to itself. You will be printing Nylon and Polycarbonate like it was PLA. Truly Revolutionary Product.

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